Raphael's Library

Read by children, reviewed by Mom (and the children too).

Online resources

Here are some Raphael’s favorite in the web :

Children’s picture story book (most of them are free. Raphael likes most the ones that can be downloaded so he can watch it anytime not just online.)


A collection of little golden books and other vintage & modern illustrations meant to inspire and delight.

That’s what the site says. And indeed it’s full with scanned vintage books (most are  A Little Golden Book) in jpg files. Too bad the good work seemed to end in hiatus in August  2010. Still it has a good number of collection.


An official site for picture books by Hans Wilhelm, with series of “Tyrone” the dino and Waldo the dog. It offers books in adobe acrobat pdf files in several languages, included Indonesian, Japanese, Dutch, French and Spanish. The Waldo series are inspirational books with theme like dying, God, or guardian angel. And one of Tyrone series talks about bullying.


Free printable Kids Picture Books with matching audio (downloadable in pdf and mp3 files). The books are simple in theme like shapes or color, so they’re suitable for younger children. For older one they have included three fairy tales : the sleeping beauty, little red riding hood, the princess and the pea. The audio files are good for listening practice for ESL children.


This site offers online book reading with series for children age 1 – 4 and 4 – 8. Each page has text with highlighted word as it’s read by a very nice reader. And the picture moves too. Too bad it cannot be download.


This site has some wonderful stories that could be read with picture, or listened in audio files. It’s read by male voice.


It has books with wide range of age : from young children to young adult. Some books for young children have audio included. Books are to be read page by page, online.

Audio books / stories (Most are in mp3 files and downloadable for free. Raphael likes most the stories that’s not too long and can be saved.)


A good source of fairy tales, classic tales, even stories from around the world. Read by professional actors, most are in female voice. Long stories (like A Wizard of Of) are usually broken into chapters. It also has online text for the stories.


It offers many other genres besides children’s books, even something like philosophy and science fiction. It doesn’t have text for the books read.


A site for old radio stories. Range from classic nursery rhymes and stories to Woody Woodpecker’s stories. Because it’s from radio stories, it has richer sound effects and background than ordinary audio stories. Most have male voice. No text of the stories.


It has some audio stories than can be downloaded in mp3 or zip files. Read by male voice and has online text of the stories.


It has a good number of children’s stories, from nursery rhymes to classics stories. Read by female voice, with online text. Since it’s meant to be listened online, it’s not downloadable. Anybody know how to save the files from this site?


It has some stories from Beatrix Potter, Mother Goose, and Rudyard Kipling. The stories are read aloud with illustrations, and downloadble in wmv files.


Used to has free download audio stories. But it needs some fees now. You can still listen to it online. It has no online text, and read by male voice.


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