Raphael's Library

Read by children, reviewed by Mom (and the children too).


Raphael is a boy who loves to read. His Mom and Dad love reading too. They also love buying books, mostly are cheap/discounted and used books. Now he has a brother who loves to read too. Altogether they have several bookshelves full of books at home. So it’s actually not Raphael’s library, but the family’s library.

The tag line “Read by children” means that most books here had been read by the children – or been read to them at least. They don’t always like the books. Sometimes they don’t read the book but just browse through the pictures. All this was noted by Mom who usually write the review. Lately, the children want to make their own reviews to be heard. So, there they are: “review by Mom, and the children too”.

Since most of the collection comes from garage sale, book fair and other ‘less than normal price’ book event, you’ll find books published several years ago here, instead of books you can easily find in book store. While hoping that we’re not abusing any copyright laws, Mom tries to provide the digital copy of the books.

Anyway, this is just another place to browse through children’s reading material, and present a review from our point of view. If you have your own opinion, comments are welcome…..

Oh, and since we’re Indonesian, most books are in bahasa Indonesia and so reviewed in that language. But Raphael’s Library also has English books, so English will appear from time to time.


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