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We are re-opening this blog


Sudah sekian lama tidak menulis di blog ini, karena…. passwordnya lupa 😦

Begitu ditengok, ternyata pengunjungnya masih banyak…. Kayaknya harus update lagi nih. Masih banyak buku anak-anak yang belum direview. Beberapa pembaca juga sepertinya menyukai buku-buku lama seperti seri Timothy & Sarah. Mudah-mudahan ada waktu untuk menscan dan mengupload beserta menuliskan reviewnya.

Semoga Raphael’s Library aktif lagi ya…..



It’s been 4 years since the last post. It’s a bit abandoned cause I forgot the password. Oh, my…. Now I’ve found it, it surprised me to see that there are still visitors to this blog. The report even saying that the visitors are booming 🙂

So, I think I’ll try to write more. But unfortunately I will have to do that more in my native tongue, Bahasa Indonesia. It’s kind of slow me down to say things in English 😉

Anyway, please follow this blog. I’ll try my best to write regularly…


Raphael’s Libarary owners – both mom and kids.


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