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Clockwork Pirates

This board book has been in the library for more than a year. When Gabriel was younger he liked to see the picture but not really interested in the story. Finally some weeks ago, Mom had chance to guide him reading the book. He read it by himself now.

This is his comment : “Bukunya bagus. Buku ini menunjukkan jam, misalnya ini jam 7, dikasih tahu gambar jamnya. Buku ini lucu. Hewannya manis, ada tikus, gajah, zebra, monyet, katak, burung. Buku ini membuat aku lapar. Ada makanan kentang goreng. Hm…. Aku suka halaman yang gambarnya masak dan makan.”

~ “This book is good. It shows the clock, like this is 7 o’clock, then it shows you the picture of the clock. This book is funny. The animals are cute, there are mouse, elephant, zebra, monkey, frog, and bird. This book makes me hungry. There are french fries. Yum…. I like the pages with the picture of cooking and eating.”

Well, Mom also think this is a good book. It teaches children about the hours of a day with a story of relevant activity for that hour. There’s tiny print on the back of the book : “This book is sold as part of Tell the Time with the Animal Band. Not to be sold separately.” Unfortunately, Dad got this book as a used book, so Raphael’s Library doesn’t have any other book of the series.

Oh, it reminds Mom of the book “A Busy Day” that was browsed by the children but hasn’t been read yet. Perhaps someday the children will read that book too…

Book info:
Title : Animal Band, Clockwork Pirates
Illustrated by Jenny Tulis, written by Karen Goddard.
Published by Top That Publishing plc, 2000
Board book, 18 pages.

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