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First Book Review Written by the Child

Have you read the children’s  comments about books they read ? (Awesome ants, Maze booksMore Fables of Aesop, Mike Gordon’s books) They were what they said when Mom asked about the books. But some days ago Raphael produced his own written review.


It’s written in Bahasa Indonesia and actually part of his homeschooling activities. His chosen book was Getting to know the US President: Theodore Roosevelt, written and illustrated by Mike Venezia.  (Remember the Best Buy of 2013? It’s one of the books there.)


Raphael had finished reading the book and enjoyed it. As usual, what really hit him wasn’t the information, it’s the picture. Nevertheless, he learnt some history facts about US President –  a new subject to him. Still it’s the odd fact that interest him most.

This is his review :

This book is funny and the illustrations were weird. When I read this book, I learned that Theodore Roosevelt shot a bear, the news was spread and the day after the teddy bear showed up. Pictures that I like are on page 25, 31, 21,19, 16.

Picture in page 31 shows  Roosevelt’s children’s pet mayhem. The pet were snakes and mice! Roosevelt’s children also dropped water balloon to the guard of White House.


Page 25 shows Teddy Roosevelt in the shadow like giant with a club and wolf, but actually he’s   writing and there’s a statue of the head of a wolf!


Theodore Roosevelt was the twenty sixth president. He died on Januari 16 1919 in his sleep. 

Well…. perhaps it’s not really a book review. But at least Raphael tried to put down in writing what he had read. He’s reading some other books now. Mom hopes he’ll make another review (and may he’ll make it better….)


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