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“Mom, may I buy this book?”

Last weekend our family went to a bookstore. The little brother likes Angry Bird right now, anything with that red bird and it’s friends. No wonder it took him only a few minutes to come up with two Angry Bird-related books.

“Mom, may I buy these books?”

He showed a coloring book and a sticker activity book.  Mom shook her head. Mom knows that activities books last only about a couple of days. When the activities were done, so was the interest for the book.

“No activity book. If it’s a story book, then it’s o.k.”

So went the little brother for his quest of the book, and found this book :

book025a  book025b

“Can I have this book? This is not a coloring book, it’s a story book…”

Actually it’s not a story book. It’s a science book, quite thick, colorful in every page with many pictures but also long descriptions. Mom checked the price. It’s Rp.72,000. Waaay more expensive than the usual thrift books Mom bought for the children. But it’s understandable. It’s published recently, from National Geographic, and seems like genuinely official science book from the Angry Birds. Still….

“I’ll use my money. My ang pao money…”

Well, Mom and Dad don’t usually let the children have their own way about buying things. But this little kid was asking to use his own money – the ang pao from Chinese lunar year celebration. And Mom and Dad indeed had permitted them to use part of their ‘earnings’ this year for whatever they wanted.

Mom took a look inside the book. It’s all about planet and space. A topic that we’ve already had many books at home. The topic that’s the little brother just browsed but really loved by his brother – to the point that he had read so much about it he hardly needed new books for it. And where are the angry bird? The angry birds only come out  in illustration and giving comments.

Mom saw another book. From the same publisher, the same kind of book, only different title. It’s something like “The real angry bird”. Mom took a look inside this one. It’s about birds, lots of birds with their description even latin names and photos. There’s even description for each angry bird character. But the little boy didn’t interested.

Finally, he bought the book and happily took it home. He read some random pages, then asked.

Ma, Buku pendamping resmi game angry bird space apa maksudnya?” ~ “Mom, what does ‘An official sidebook for angry bird space game’ means?”

Perhaps, the little brother thought he would find a guide for the game inside the books. It’s not.

So the book just sits there in the desk. Touched several times by those little fingers but not read. Besides, the little kid is having his mid-term exam now, so Mom don’t have him read the book. But he will read the book one day. And he will say his review….


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