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Best Buy of the Year 2013

Imported books were rare items in the local bookstore. Nowadays there’s a small section of them in the store, but the prices are much more expensive than local books. It’s no wonder that Mom and Dad usually buy used imported books. The used books were in good condition, just a bit dusty and the newest were from year 2000-something. So it make sense that Mom still yearns to provide her children with new imported books.

Fortunately, sometimes the importer held a sale for their books. Even then Mom still has to think twice to buy because they’re still expensive, discounted only up to 40% or 50%  of the real price. Then came the annual Kompas Gramedia book fair. Last year Mom bought only a couple of imported books (see best buy), but still very satisfied because the price were more inexpensive then any other sales.  So this year, a few days ago, Mom went again to Kompas Gramedia fair 2013.

It’s a rather long journey, of about one hour of 40 km train riding, a few more km of bus, then almost a half hour of walking (this one because Mom got lost on the supposed short walk). But it’s worthed.

After spending about an hour rummaging through the untidy stack of imported books in a small booth – hopefully the only booth with  imported books – Mom ended up with 24 books, thick and thin, hardcover and soft, big and small. All were still in the plastic covering, except two or three books. Some books were published in 2000-something, but some were relatively new: 2011 even 2012.

buku impor dari kompas gramedia fair 2013

Mom spent only Rp.445,000 (about $45.00) for all of those books. It means less than Rp.20,000 ($2.00) each! Even new local books can’t beat that price. The savings were more appreciated when mom knew that the total worth of the books (from the label prices), is no less than Rp.3,000,000 or (from the suggested price on the book) more than $100.00 plus 85.00 poundsterling. That’s a huge amount for books…. So mom got books with about 85% discount!.

Well, that’s more than made up for the additional Rp.40,000 of the journey’s cost, the tired legs and sweat for walking in scorching sun, and the sore arms for lugging home those books…. They’re heavy believe me, 6 of them are hard cover – big and thick,  while most of the rest are full color art paper books. And mom also bought some local books too…

So, that’s the newest addition to our family library. Hopefully someday Mom could post the review of these books in Raphael’s Library. The children are browsing through them already. Well, not all of them. They haven’t touched the Harry Potter – “it has no picture”. But they like the big pop up book How the be An Explorer, and specially like the Do It Now series.

For those who live in or near Jakarta, the book fair is held until 17 Feb. Try to go there and see for yourself the many choices of books…


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