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Title : Butterflies!
By David Bjerklie
Published by HarperCollins Publishers Inc., 2006
Paperback, 32 pages.

This book is part of the TIME for kids series. It has full color, wonderfully detail photographs of the object: butterflies. The reading isn’t too long, but just enough to explain the many parts of butterflies body, changes in butterflies life, or their migration. A simple reading with good illustration to capture a child interest in this beautiful creature.


Raphael likes this book. He had a special interest in insects, specially butterflies. So when we found this book, he just read through it and enjoying the detail pictures.

This is Raphael’s comment:

“Aku suka buku ini karena buku ini berisi cerita tentang kupu-kupu, dan gambarnya bagus. (Aku suka kupu-kupu, tapi agak takut sih sama kupu-kupu beneran….). Aku paling suka halaman yang bercerita tentang tubuh kupu-kupu. Aku bisa melihat bagian dari sayapnya, kepalanya, dan dadanya. Ada fakta-fakta menarik juga di dalam buku ini, seperti kupu-kupu ternyata bisa hidup di semua tempat di bumi ini kecuali di Antartika. Selain itu, kupu-kupu Monarch ternyata bermigrasi jauh sekali, dari Kanada ke Meksiko.”

“I like this book because it’s about butterflies, and the pictures are awesome. (I like butterflies, but a bit scared of real butterfly…) I really like the page about the body parts of the butterfly. I can see details of the wings, its head, and chest. There are also interesting facts in this book, such as butterfly actually can be found anywhere in the world except in Antartica. Besides that, the Monarch butterflies migrate very far, from Canada to Mexico.”

Oh, and of course there’s a website for Time for kids: http://www.timeforkids.com/. Check it out, it has many interesting articles, some were by kids reporters.


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