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More Fables of Aesop


Title : More fables of Aesop.
Retold and illustrated by Jack Kent
Published by Parents Magazine Press, NY, 1974
Hard cover, 55 pages.

This book is old (older than Mum), and the stories are waaaay more ancient. But these stories are timeless. Many people are still looking for versions of fables from Aesop. And children still love these stories.

One of the stories from this book has been discussed in previous post : Cerita Kelinci dan Kura-kura dalam Bahasa Inggris. So now it’s time for the book.

“By means of his artwork, Jack Kent has developed a fresh variation. Freely using the V.S.Vernon-Jones version as a point of departure, he has given the stories a new dimension of humor and, while the morals are as true as ever, the reader enjoys a chuckle along with the verities.”

That’s part of the prologue of the book. And it’s true.

Children love the funny pictures, which describe the story clearly. The stories were told in short poem, with simple English. Raphael and his brother have no hard time to understand them (except in some stories, like The Wolf and the Lion).

Here are some stories from the book:

the fox and the crane

The Fox and the Crane

A fox invited a crane to supper and served nothing but some soup in a broad flat dish.
The crane, with his long bill, was unable to eat anything.
The fox thought it was a good joke.
The crane, in his turn, asked the fox to sup with him. The food was served in a flagon with a long narrow mouth. The fox couldn’t even get a taste of it.
Sometimes a dose of our own medicine is good for us.

the Crow and the Pitcher

The Crow and the Pitcher
A thirsty crow found a pitcher with a little water in the bottom. But he couldn’t reach it.
He collected a number of pebbles.
Then he dropped them one by one into the pitcher. Each pebble raised the water a little higher.
And at last the crow could reach it and get a drink.
Little by little does the job.

The grasshopper and the ants the grasshopper and the ants

The Grasshopper and the Ants
All summer long the grasshopper sat in the sunshine and sang.
While the ants were busily gathering food for the winter.
Winter came and the hungry grasshopper asked the ants for a bite to eat.
But the ants sent him away, saying, “If you were foolish enough to sing all the summer, you must dance supperless to bed in the winter.”
You can’t play all the time.

the lion and the mouse the lion and the mouse

The Lion and the Mouse
A mouse woke a sleeping lion. The angry lion was about to kill him when the mouse said, “Please don’t hurt me and someday I’ll do YOU a favor.” “What can a mouse do for a lion?” the lion asked. But he let the mouse go.
Shortly after this, the lion was caught in a hunter’s snare. When the mouse saw the trouble the lion was in, he gnawed through the rope and set him free.
“You laughed at the idea of my ever being of use to you,” said the mouse. “But now you see that it is possible for even a mouse to help a lion.”
All of us, the great and the little, have need of each other.

belling the cat

Belling the Cat
The mice held a meeting to decide what to do to protect themselves from the cat. One mouse suggested that they tie a bell around his neck so they could hear him coming.
“Belling the cat is a good idea,” one old mouse said….
“But which of us is going to do it?”
Some things are easier said than done.

And this is Raphael’s comment :

“Buku ini bercerita tentang fabel yang dibuat oleh Aesop. Yang paling aku suka ada di halaman 24, yaitu cerita tentang burung gagak yang ingin minum. Airnya terlalu dangkal. Dia memasukkan batu dan memasukkannya lagi sampai dia bisa meminumnya. Gagak itu tidak putus asa, dia berusaha untuk minum.  Buku ini dalam bahasa Inggris, tapi tidak sulit dimengerti. Dan di setiap cerita ada moralnya.”

“This book is about fables by Aesop. The story I like most is on page 24, it’s about a crow who wanted to drink. The water was on the bottom of a jug. He dropped pebbles into it until he could drink the water. The crow didn’t give up easily, he tried to drink. This book is in English, but it’s not hard to understand. And there’s a moral in each story.”


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