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Maze books

Title : Pipsqueaks! Maze Day
Book design by Patrick Merrell
Published by Scholastic Inc, 1997
Paperback,  32 pages.

This book actually is an activity book with a story.  It’s about the pipsquaeaks (tiny mice), that are having a maze day. They have to pass mazes, from lining up to enter the maze fair, getting in to the crazy crossroads, finding which cheese to have for lunch, having many maze-related activities, until finding bed to rest in the end. And to accompany each maze, there’s a short rhyming poem about the activity. In this way, children are drawn to read the story and not just doing the maze.

The picture on the cover of the book is the last maze. It’s  accompanied by this short poem :

Sleepy Heads

Maze Day sure was
lots of fun.
But time’s run out,
and now we’re done.
Before you leave,
just one last test –
we need to find
a place to rest.

 Thank for helping us with Maze Day. Can you help us find the way to our beds?

Even the poem is illustrated with simple drawing about the story. Like this one below.

High Flyers

The next event that
we are holding calls
for lots
of paper folding.
Paper planes
are what we’re making.
Flying trips
are what we’re taking.

 Can you follow all four of the Pipsqueaks’ paths to see where they end up?

At the end of the story, there’s even a reading about “How to have your own maze day”, some ideas about how to make your own maze that children would like to do after reading the book.


Raphael’s and his brother like this book. They like the maze more than the story simply because the poem is not easily translated into Indonesian. They can read it, but if it’s too hard to understand, why bother to read? Just do the maze!

Gabriel’s comment

This is what Gabriel said about this book :

“Tikusnya lucu, dan manis. Tikusnya mencari jalan untuk mendapatkan sesuatu, seperti harta karun. Mereka bersenang-senang dan berpetualangan. Bukunya bagus. Aku suka maze The Hole Stroll, ceritanya tikusnya mencari jalan dengan menggali tanah untuk mencari harta karun. Mazenya mudah. Di buku ini juga diajarkan cara untuk membuatnya maze sendiri.”

Translation : “The mice are funny and cute. They are finding a way to get something, like a treasure. They have fun and adventure. The book is nice. I like The Hole Stroll maze, the story is about mice who find a way by digging into the ground to find treasures. The maze are easy. The book also teach you how to make your own maze.”



3 comments on “Maze books

  1. Kim
    February 3, 2013

    Well voiced of course! !

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