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Awesome Ants

Title : Awesome Ants
By Wendy McLean, illustrated by Dee Texidor
Published by Funtastic Limited, Australia, 2005
Board book, 10 pages.

When Dad brought home this book, Raphael has passed this kind of books. (He was  six  by then and read more non-fiction books than children’s story books).  But his brother (who was 5 at that time), was quickly interested in the book.

It’s a board book, with five small figure of ants embedded in the pages. It was designed so with the flip of each page, one of the ants was removed from the pages seen by the reader.

The story is simple, yet interesting enough for the child. It’s about five hungry ants on their journey home. One by one they found something to eat and strayed  from their friends until only one ant left. Fortunately this one also found a special treat when he arrived at home.

“Arnie Ant who was marching in line was second to find some dinner. When he found a picnic basket he knew he had a winner!”

“There were cakes and sandwiches, chocolate too. What would he munch at first? There was even some lemonade to quench poor Annie’s thirst!”

Since the brother couldn’t read English by himself, again Mom read it to him. Fortunately, he understood the story roughly, so Mom didn’t have to translate it. While listening to the story, it’s also interesting to look carefully at the picture and find which ant that match the story of that page. After the story finished, we made a game of memory by reminding which cause that strayed each ant. So, over all it is an awesome book.


Now Gabriel the brother can read simple words in English, and he likes to read the book by himself. This is his comment, right from his mouth (in bahasa Indonesia of course):

“Semutnya lucu, pengen dicopotin buat jadi mainan. Ceritanya semutnya mau cari makan, satu ada yang di anggur, satu ada yang di keranjang piknik, trus ada yang menemukan madu. Trus semut yang terakhir ketemu rumahnya, trus makan kuki.”

Rough translation : “The ants are cute. I want to take them off to play. The story is about ants that are looking for food, one is on a grape, one is in a picnic basket, then one finds honey. The last ant find its home then eats cookie.”


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