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Thanks, Seal

This is actually the first book owned by Raphael, not his parent’s books, nor books that bought originally not for him. It was given by grandma when he’s about 1 year old. Even at that time, he’s already showed enthusiasm for books. And this one was more interesting, because it has sparkle in some pictures.

When he’s about 2, Mom began to read it to him. But since it’s in English, most of times Mom just told the story in Indonesia while pointing to the pictures. Raphael quickly learnt which one was the dog, bear, and seal. He even counted  the crabs and fish sometimes.

The story is about a seal who wanted to play ball on the beach with a bear and a dog. At first he’s spoiling the game because he’s awkward on land. But of course he can play better when he’s at the sea, with his two other friends still on land.

Book info :

Title : Thanks, Seal!

Published by Peter Haddock Publishing, UK.

Board book, 10 pages.


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