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The book of How

Raphael’s Library got this book from a book fair, a new book in good condition. It cost only Rp 10,000 (about $1.1 or 0.8 Pound sterling). The printed price on the book is 5.99 Pound. Later, Mom saw  a similar book that’s actually the translation in Bahasa Indonesia. It cost Rp 35,000. Then Mom realized that perhaps Raphael’s Library has own ‘the source book’. The book fair was held by a publisher that published the book in Indonesia 😉

Well, back to the book. It’s part of a series with other title : The book of… why? The book of ….what? and The book of….who? In this book, there are 50 questions of how, and answers to them plus a little bit other interesting facts connected to the questions.

The questions are about science, either physics or biology. These are Raphael’s favorite. So, he read the book right away. The questions range from ‘simple science’ that Raphael has already known like ‘how many planets are there?’ to something more sopischicated ‘how do you ride on air?’ to something that you don’t learn at school ‘how can you tell a horse’s age?’.  The answers given in straight forward sentences, explaining the questions in simple facts.

While Raphael like the bits of information, Mom was interested in the illustrations. The book has an alien theme. So there are two aliens in each pages, doing things picturing the question and answer.  And the writing is part of the picture, so you don’t find boring question-answer book.

Book info :

Title : The book of how?

Illustrated by Ray Bryant, concept by Jo Connor

Published by Kingfisher, 2010


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