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Read by children, reviewed by Mom (and the children too).


This is an interesting story about the life of children in somewhere so unlike Raphael’s hometown. Yet what the children were doing was amazingly familiar: building houses and town in deserted area with wooden boxes and stones, using pebbles as money, galloping on stick horses, playing fort between boys and girls. Well it seems children’s imaginations are some universal things.

The story simply describes what the children did in a place called Roxaboxen. Just flashes about the activities, told in short sentences accompanied by full pages of illustrations. It ends with a visit from one of the children to Roxaboxen about fifty years later and still found the remains of Roxaboxen. A short note about the author revealed that Roxaboxen is a real place.

Well, although the pictures illustrating the story are much more than the words, they don’t  catch Raphael’s interest.  He hadn’t read the book, Mom did. Perhaps someday Raphael will. It’s a beautiful view to children’s world after all.

Book info:
Title : Roxaboxen
Author : Alice McLerran, illustrated by Barbara Cooney
Published by : Scholastic Inc,  NY, 1992

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