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A Busy Day

Raphael’s library got this book from a book seller that sometimes has import books. Mostly are used books, though. But this one is in good condition, and Raphael’s library suspected this one is actually new.

This book (and another one), are from the Wide Eye Early Learning Programme. Anybody know about this program? It’s in UK, but Raphael’s library hasn’t found any information about it.

Anyway, the book is a cartoon storybook that introduces children to the vocabulary of time. It contains a rhyme to suit every occasion and there is a clock face on each page which tells the time of day. What occasion? Getting up, school time, clean up time, nap time, shopping time, and bedtime are some of them.

For an ESL child, this book has a rich vocabulary that challenge them when trying to translate each line of rhymes. But the story line is easily understood without having to consult dictionary for every word. The illustrations are clearly depicting the rhymes. Some are really funny, even Raphael just like to laugh at the picture without really reading the words.

Book info :
Title : A busy day
Author : Felicia Law, Illustrated by Steve Smallman
Published by Marshall Direct Learning Ltd, 1998

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