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Who Took the Cake?

This is one of Raphael’s first book. At that time the family had some children books, but only a few that’s suitable to be handled by 2 years old : small, and not a mint condition new book (so when it’s broken by the little hands there would be no hurt feelings).

Then, this one was chosen by demand rather than by will.

It’s read to him of course, and translated too (into Indonesian). He didn’t bother, he just looked at the picture.

The title is Who Took the Cake? Written by Ann Martin and illustrated by Martin Bailey.

The story is about a boy who thought that a cake was stolen. He looked for it, and found a witch, a fairy and an ogre living in his kitchen instead. All three said they didn’t take the cake. In the end each of them gave another cake for the boy, while the real cake turned up.

It’s a rather amusing story and imaginative for little children. Who would have thought that there are magical things living in the kitchen?


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